Wednesday, February 19, 2014

On the Fly is Behind the Red Door

Catherine Gayle has a new release in her Portland Storm hockey romance series. Book 2, On the Fly, is available now. (If you haven't yet read Breakaway, the first book in the series, you can find all the buy links on her page at the Red Door Reads website!)

Injury after injury has put Brenden Campbell’s NHL career on hold for years. Now he’s playing for the Portland Storm and determined to make it stick. Few things in life drive him more than being told he can’t have something he wants, and what he wants most is to prove he belongs. Brenden also wants Rachel Shaw, the cute, little redhead who just got hired as the general manager’s new assistant. But then she went and made herself off-limits, telling him: “I don’t date.” Those three words pretty much guarantee that he’ll do everything he can to change her mind.

Rachel is changing things up on the fly for her family, moving them somewhere she can be the kind of mom her kids deserve. Allowing anyone else to be in their lives is out of the question, at least until her instincts get back on track. How else can she be sure who to steer the kids clear of? Right now she trusts no one, including herself, and especially not a man like Brenden Campbell. He’s way too handsome and a little bit cocky. Falling for a guy like him is a mistake she can’t afford to make twice.

Where can you get On the Fly? Amazon, Barnes and Noble, All Romance eBooks, and Smashwords. Coming soon to print and other ebook retailers.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Heroes Returned + Giveaway!

I am pleased to announce that all three parts of my HEROES RETURNED trilogy are now available in audiobook form! Yay!!! I just threw some confetti, but I don’t think you can see it where you are. Feel free to join the celebration anyway!  After all, I'll be giving away a copy of each of them today. 

The HEROES RETURNED series picks up where my SCANDALOUS series left off, starting with the return of three lifelong friends back from the Napoleonic Wars…


Audible  |  Amazon  | iTunes
When her longtime fiancĂ© returns home from the victory at Waterloo, Amelia Pritchard suspects he’s not the noble, upstanding gentleman she’s always believed him to be. After breaking their betrothal, she flees to London with the hope of starting her life over and putting the past firmly behind her.

Battle weary Major Philip Moore finds himself intrigued by the lovely Miss Pritchard. Though he’s recovering from a broken heart of his own, more than just his honor urges him to protect the lady when her nefarious ex-beau arrives in Town with the most wicked of intentions.


Audible  |  Amazon  | iTunes
Phoebe Greywood has waited quite a while for her betrothed to return home from the Peninsular Wars, but when he finally does, she’s heartbroken to discover he’s changed in more ways than one. Most alarmingly, he doesn’t seem to care one whit about her anymore. But one man who hasn’t changed a bit after his time on the continent is her betrothed’s boorish brother…

Lieutenant Tristan Avery would like to pound some sense, or perhaps honor, into his older brother. Why the cad treats Phoebe so callously, Tristan can’t understand. But what he truly can’t understand is why he suddenly seems drawn to the chit as they’ve never been fond of each other.

When the truth of Tristan's feelings for Phoebe become clear, his own honor is put to the test and all of his plans for the future are turned upside down.


Audible  |  Amazon  | iTunes
After receiving what seems like an offer of employment from an English countess, orphan Bridget Kelly leaves her uncle’s house in Dublin to make her own way in the world. But making her way in England is easier said than done, especially for an innocent Irish lass with no family or connections. In fact, she’ll be lucky if she can make it to Derbyshire alive.

Still smarting from his brother and former fiancĂ©e’s betrayal, rakish Captain Russell Avery arrives at his sister’s Derbyshire estate, looking for something or someone to help soothe his bruised ego. When a pretty little Irish maid stumbles into his chamber one morning, Russell is certain he’s found just the distraction he’s looking for. Well, at least until he learns who the lass truly is and the place she’s to hold in his sister’s household.

So about that giveaway, right? If you're my FACEBOOK friend or follow me on TWITTER... tell me through those platforms what qualities your favorite kind of hero has. I'll draw 3 names by the end of the week.