Friday, May 31, 2013

A Fanciful Flight Behind the Red Door

Catherine Gayle's Flight of Fancy, a Regency-set novella originally published as part of The Betting Season anthology, is available now on its own.

Lord Falkland bets Lord Jefferson Blount two hundred fifty pounds that Lord Haworth will ensure the ruination of Lady Georgianna Bexley-Smythe by 15 May unless the Marquess of Stalbridge returns to Town and settles his debts before that date. ~19 April, 1813

Cedric Loring, the Earl of Montague, has been an honorary member of the Bexley-Smythe family for years. He’s always had a special, if sometimes strained, bond with Georgie. But when her name ends up in the betting book at White’s before she’s even made her debut, he knows no one can protect her quite like he can. If only she’d stop chasing after the very gentleman who could single-handedly see to her ruin.

Lady Georgianna Bexley-Smythe has the uncanny ability to remember nearly everything she’s ever read, and thus knows everything about almost everything. But as knowledge and experience are not interchangeable, she intends to make her first Season one of adventure. What could be more adventurous than seeing London from Lord Haworth’s gas balloon? Now she must avoid Monty long enough to make Haworth’s acquaintance and beg an airborne adventure.

You can find Flight of Fancy at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, All Romance eBooks, and Smashwords. It is coming soon to the iBookstore, Kobo, and other eBook retailers.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Little Something to Hear Behind the Red Door

Last month, I was excited to announce the release of my first audiobook A SCANDALOUS WIFE, and now I am just as excited to announce the release of my second audiobook – A SCANDALOUS CHARADE.

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For those of you who are unfamiliar with these Regency Historical Romances, both of these books take place at the same time (Spring of 1812). The heroes are brothers (though not close ones).  Where Robert (from WIFE) is a fairly serious and responsible earl, Luke (from CHARADE) is a rakish younger brother who has cut quite the swath through London – until he meets his match in Lady Juliet St. Claire.

There are a few of scenes that show up in both books, but told in the point of view by the brother whose book the scene is in. I loved writing these books. I loved exploring how people can see the same event differently, depending on their own baggage and perception of the situation.

Handsome ladies’ man Lucas Beckford has agreed to help his friend, an impoverished baron, win the affections of an icy heiress. It should be a simple task, especially for a seducer of his reputation. However when Luke catches sight of the enchanting lady, he is captivated with her pretty brown eyes, quick wit, and sharp tongue; and his desire to see his friend marry the girl quickly evaporates. Now he just has to find a way to convince the penniless lord to turn his attentions elsewhere—leaving the Ice Princess to him.

Lady Juliet St. Claire has always believed that her fortune would protect her from ever having to relinquish her freedom in marriage. Though fortune hunters endlessly hound her, Juliet’s outwardly cold demeanor keeps most of them at bay, licking their wounds or patching up their pride. However when Luke charms his way into her life, he easily melts more than just her heart. Unfortunately, the rogue is of the love ‘em and leave ‘em variety, and leaves Juliet’s tender heart in pieces. But when her fortune lands her in danger from an unscrupulous foe, Luke returns to her side, offering his help and protection. Now Juliet has to decide if her heart is strong enough to trust the rogue a second time.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

A New Adult Romance Awaits at Red Door Reads!

So happy to announce my New Adult Series, Boys of the South, debut novel, LIVE FOR YOU!!!

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On the surface, twenty-two year old Cole Morgan is exactly what any girl would be proud to take home to meet her parents: He’s charming, intensely handsome and goal-oriented...Only he has some secrets of his own, which include provoking bar fights and a former drug-addict of a mother slowly wasting away in a medical facility.

At barely twenty, Violet Lynn is Country Music's hottest star, until one night of partying gets out of control. Violet ends up in jail and on TMZ. Suddenly, she’s the girl least likely to be invited anywhere. Sick of the drama and keeping secrets, she runs away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi to her grandmother’s home in Forrestville, North Carolina.

A chance meeting knocks Cole off his feet, but he doesn’t recognize Violet for who she is. In fact no one does and Violet plans to keep it that way.

Circumstances, however annoying,keep throwing Violet and Cole together. Unable to stop themselves they give into the inevitable.

But when Nashville is ready to forgive and forget, Violet is forced to choose between Cole and claiming her spot as the new and improved Princess of Country Music.

Will Violet and Cole have the courage to live for their dreams...Or their hearts?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

FREE Read Behind the Red Door!

I am so happy to announce that MY FAVORITE MAJOR, the 1st in my HEROES RETURNED trilogy is available as a free download for a limited time.

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The HEROES RETURNED series picks up where the SCANDALOUS series left off. The series follows three officers who’ve just returned to England after Waterloo – Major Philip Moore, Lieutenant Tristan Avery and Captain Russell Avery.

MY FAVORITE MAJOR features Major Philip Moore whose heart was quite broken in A SCANDALOUS PURSUIT when his betrothed ends up married to a scandalous duke while Philip’s regiment was still on The Continent.  When the good major returns to England, he is a shell of his former self. Not only is his heart still broken, he’s also been injured in battle and now needs a cane to walk.

After all Major Moore has endured, he is most definitely in need of a Happy Ever After of his own.

When her longtime fiancĂ© returns home from the victory at Waterloo, Amelia Pritchard suspects he’s not the noble, upstanding gentleman she’s always believed him to be. After breaking their betrothal, she flees to London with the hope of starting her life over and putting the past firmly behind her.

Battle weary, Major Philip Moore finds himself intrigued by the lovely Miss Pritchard. Though he’s recovering from a broken heart of his own, more than just his honor urges him to protect the lady when her nefarious ex-beau arrives in Town with the most wicked of intentions.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Listening Behind the Red Door

I am just a bit giddy! My first audiobook has just been released!!!!

It is with the the first story, Compromised at Christmas, which appeared in the anthology, A Summons from His Grace that the Tenacious Trents were born.

Scots, Spies & Salacious Lies is a compilation of three Regency novellas where at least one Trent makes an appearance.

Compromised at Christmas…
Miss Elizabeth Whitton craved excitement and adventure. Unwilling to endure one boring Season after another, she convinces her uncle in the Home Office to let her work for him. 

John Phillip Trent has been spying for the Home Office in the stables of Tuileries as Jean Pierre Bouvier for more than two years, his only English contact – Lisette Renard a servant girl inside the palace. 

When a summons from the Duke of Danby slips through the proper channels, both Elizabeth and John’s covers are compromised. To escape the palace and France with their lives, they’ll have to depend on each other and the miracle of Christmas. (Compromised at Christmas was original published in A Summons from His Grace) This is the first story in the Tenacious Trents Series.

~ * ~

Landing a Laird…

Heiress Lady Moira Kirkwood will do anything it takes to marry a laird to take her north - far, far away from London and her domineering mother. Unfortunately, a pair of gentlemen overhear her jest about Scotland and compromising a fellow if she has to. Before the sun has risen the next day, Moira’s name and a scandalous wager have found themselves inside the infamous betting book at White’s.

One penniless gentleman after another begs Gideon Baxter, Viscount Ainsely, for his assistance in wooing Lady Moira. Unfortunately, Gideon would like to woo the charming lady himself. If only she cared more for him than for the location of his estate, he’d could be assured of where her true feelings lie.
(Landing a Laird was originally published in The Betting Season)

~ * ~

Devil in My Dreams...

Devlin Bartlett was never meant to be Viscount Marston, yet he has inherited not only the title but three younger sisters, all of marriageable ages. He soon learns that thwarting the French was much easier than playing guardian to three young ladies, and decides the simplest solution is to marry them off. * Louisa Whitton needs to find a husband of her own choosing before Christmas. At her sister’s house party, she meets the perfect gentleman—thus foiling her grandfather’s plans. However, Marston refuses to even think about courting her until his sisters are wed, and he has the audacity to ask her to wait. Louisa’s grandfather will never agree, so she sets out to find the perfect substitute for Marston, forcing him to choose between his sisters’ future and his own.
(Devil in My Dreams was originally published in A Season to Remember)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Red Door Sale ~ Six Bestselling Authors, One Great Price ~ 99 Cents!!

If you missed it the last time, here's your second chance to get SINFULLY SWEET for only .99 CENTS!!!! Limited Time Only!


SINFULLY SWEET is a collection of 6 full length contemporary romance novels from 6 best selling authors!!! That's 6 stories for under a buck! Please click "share" and spread the word!

Set includes stories from: Carly Phillips, Marquita Valentine, Alannah Lynne, Leslie Kelly and Rhonda Nelson!

Monday, May 13, 2013

The Devil to Pay is Behind the Red Door

Over the years, Gabriel Devalle has more than earned his reputation as one of “those devilish Devalles.” No one is more surprised than Gabe, therefore, when a debutante tosses herself into his path, only to have her gown “accidentally” ripped by her mischievous and alluring sister, all in the name of causing a scandal. Or was it to prevent a scandal? Either way, the gown-ripping sister has certainly drawn his notice.

Miss Miranda Hunt will do anything to prevent her sister from making a mistake which would bring scandal down upon their family…even make a deal with the devil. Mr. Devalle is no angel—fallen or otherwise—but he is devilishly handsome, shamelessly wicked, and as infamous a gentleman as Miranda has ever known. He promises to circumvent her sister’s schemes…for a price. What is a proper young lady to do when she has The Devil to Pay?

The Devil to Pay is the first in a trilogy of Regency-set historical novellas by Catherine Gayle. You can buy it in ebook formats at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, All Romance eBooks, Kobo, and Smashwords. (It is still making its way through the system to iBooks and other outlets, but will be there soon!)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Giving the Red Door a Kick Start

Hi, everyone! Today I am excited to announce that I put on my high-heeled boots and gave my indie-publishing career a Kick Start. Literally! My debut book, Kick Start, is now available for your reading pleasure. This contemporary romance/women's fiction hybrid was a 2006 Golden Heart finalist and has finaled in and won numerous writing contests over the years. It also sat, untouched, while I got my younger two kids through high school and into college. Now that the youngest just finished her freshman year (ahem!) I had no excuse not to fulfill my dream and put Kick Start in your hands.

Here's the scoop on Kick Start:

Linda Dowling is ready to shake the dust of her bitter divorce off her boots and Kick Start her life into action. She level sets her children, goes back to college, meets a younger man and starts her life rolling down the post-marriage highway. Until remnants of her old life freeze her new one mid-journey. Friends and neighbors in Linda’s suburban paradise do not approve of any divorce, much less one in their midst. And they certainly don’t approve of Linda’s new love interest.

Linda does not want to care what they think, but she spent the last 20 years trying to fit into Cross Springs society. It would be crazy to turn her back on the life she so painstakingly built–and her ex so abruptly knocked down–for an untried start-up relationship. Or would it? Linda reroutes her journey and decides to make a detour (including side trips to see her hairdresser, her mother, the homicidal Courtroom Barbie who wrecked her marriage and her suddenly psycho ex-husband) to see where else life might take her. All she needs is a hefty dose of courage and a good old-fashioned Kick Start.

Precocious kids, nosy neighbors, church friends, a crazy ex-husband and a younger man love interest. It's a recipe for disaster! I certainly threw Linda lots of curveballs in this story, but also gave her a great sense of humor, some pretty fabulous kids and an exceptional best friend. I hope you'll check out the book and see just how Linda handles all the ups and downs of her new life and figures out how to reclaim her old sense of self.

Happy reading!

Caren Crane

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