Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Red Door Leads to . . . The British Museum!

An Encounter at the Museum

A New Anthology by

Claudia Dain
Michelle Marcos
Deb Marlowe
Ava Stone

You are cordially invited to the British Museum-where in each room you'll find a secret romance waiting to be discovered.  Four acclaimed authors of Regency historical novels tell the exciting tales of lovers who found their way to happily ever after amid the art and artifacts.  Treasures--and pleasures--await!

A Chance Encounter by Claudia Dain
 Jamie Caversham is a bastard, quite literally. He is bound for Canada and a new life after one last visit to the British Museum . . . where he meets Elizabeth Ardenzy. Elizabeth is betrothed (nearly), her life planned to perfection by her father. Unless a bastard convinces her to run away to Canada first.

Bad Luck Encounter by Michelle Marcos
Anyone would think that a bookish spinster with bad eyesight has had her share of bad luck. But when "accidents" begin to happen just as her younger sister is trying to find a husband, Isha Elmwood spots the perpetrator: Mr. Bad Luck himself.  Trouble is, she's the only one who can see him. Isha must find a way to put a stop to this handsome knave without subjecting herself to the worst luck of all: losing her heart.

An Unexpected Encounter by Deb Marlowe
Tall, practical girls might not be worth much in a man's world, but Miss Lisbeth Moreton knows she's worth more than the squire's prized heifer.  To change her fate, she's run off to a date with destiny at the British Museum.  Her would-be swain never shows, but an unexpected encounter with Lord Cotwell and his lonely ward might lead to altogether new prospects . . . and perhaps to love.

Encounter with an Adventurer by Ava Stone

 Lucinda Potts would do just about anything to get out of her brother's home and out from under her hateful sister-in-law's thumb. After an encounter with the gadabout and notorious Lord Brookfield, Lucy is more determined than ever to escape London for a life of adventure. Unfortunately, the his lordship seems just as determined to stand firmly in her way.

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  1. The book sounds like a prime candidate for my TBR shelves! Busy trolling the internet looking for a freebie! LOL But seriously, it is on my BTB list.