Friday, March 22, 2013

A Spicy Short is Waiting Behind the Red Door Today

Today we open the Red Door and find a short and spicy read awaiting us!

Historical erotica with a touch of elegance . . .

Cordelia Markham may shine brightest among London's Glittering Impure, but she's also that rarity--a courtesan with a heart of gold. Once a year she sponsors the Courtesan's Ball, a night of fun, anticipation and opportunity for her many sisters.
Tonight is different, however, as her current lover has arranged an array of surprises. . . and he's shifting the focus of the night from the crowded ballroom and placing it firmly on her. . . 

The Courtesan's Ball: The Naughty Maid is a short story--one scene in a series of sensual scenes being played out at the annual Courtesan's Ball.  

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