Monday, April 1, 2013

The Red Door Opens on A Reluctant Rake

An my favorite Trent yet (but don't tell his brothers or sister).

Mr. Jordan Trent, the spare, was raised to be a rake.  Not only did his father encourage his roguish life, but insisted that Jordan do nothing except enjoy the life of women, gambling and fine brandy – the life his father had wanted.  It is a life Jordan enjoyed until he realized something, or someone, very important was missing.

Miss Audrey Montgomery had been warned to avoid rakes like Jordan Trent but fell under his spell like so many ladies before her.  She should have known better and vows to protect her heart whenever he is near. If only his kisses weren’t so delicious it would be so much easier.  

This is the fifth Tenacious Trent story. You can read about his three brothers and sister in: Scots, Spies, Salacious Lies (John), A Misguided Lord (Clayton), A Perfect Gentleman (Matthew) and A Lass for Christmas (Madeline).

To celebrate, A Misguided Lord has been reduced to .99 for a short time.
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  1. I just finished reading "Mrs. Wiggons School foe Exceptional Young Ladies". I quite enjoyed the story however, the typographical and grammatical errors were very distracring.I suggest you find a good proofreadwe for your work. That is all it would take to make you a consistant five-star writer.