Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Little Something to Hear Behind the Red Door

Last month, I was excited to announce the release of my first audiobook A SCANDALOUS WIFE, and now I am just as excited to announce the release of my second audiobook – A SCANDALOUS CHARADE.

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For those of you who are unfamiliar with these Regency Historical Romances, both of these books take place at the same time (Spring of 1812). The heroes are brothers (though not close ones).  Where Robert (from WIFE) is a fairly serious and responsible earl, Luke (from CHARADE) is a rakish younger brother who has cut quite the swath through London – until he meets his match in Lady Juliet St. Claire.

There are a few of scenes that show up in both books, but told in the point of view by the brother whose book the scene is in. I loved writing these books. I loved exploring how people can see the same event differently, depending on their own baggage and perception of the situation.

Handsome ladies’ man Lucas Beckford has agreed to help his friend, an impoverished baron, win the affections of an icy heiress. It should be a simple task, especially for a seducer of his reputation. However when Luke catches sight of the enchanting lady, he is captivated with her pretty brown eyes, quick wit, and sharp tongue; and his desire to see his friend marry the girl quickly evaporates. Now he just has to find a way to convince the penniless lord to turn his attentions elsewhere—leaving the Ice Princess to him.

Lady Juliet St. Claire has always believed that her fortune would protect her from ever having to relinquish her freedom in marriage. Though fortune hunters endlessly hound her, Juliet’s outwardly cold demeanor keeps most of them at bay, licking their wounds or patching up their pride. However when Luke charms his way into her life, he easily melts more than just her heart. Unfortunately, the rogue is of the love ‘em and leave ‘em variety, and leaves Juliet’s tender heart in pieces. But when her fortune lands her in danger from an unscrupulous foe, Luke returns to her side, offering his help and protection. Now Juliet has to decide if her heart is strong enough to trust the rogue a second time.

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