Thursday, May 9, 2013

Giving the Red Door a Kick Start

Hi, everyone! Today I am excited to announce that I put on my high-heeled boots and gave my indie-publishing career a Kick Start. Literally! My debut book, Kick Start, is now available for your reading pleasure. This contemporary romance/women's fiction hybrid was a 2006 Golden Heart finalist and has finaled in and won numerous writing contests over the years. It also sat, untouched, while I got my younger two kids through high school and into college. Now that the youngest just finished her freshman year (ahem!) I had no excuse not to fulfill my dream and put Kick Start in your hands.

Here's the scoop on Kick Start:

Linda Dowling is ready to shake the dust of her bitter divorce off her boots and Kick Start her life into action. She level sets her children, goes back to college, meets a younger man and starts her life rolling down the post-marriage highway. Until remnants of her old life freeze her new one mid-journey. Friends and neighbors in Linda’s suburban paradise do not approve of any divorce, much less one in their midst. And they certainly don’t approve of Linda’s new love interest.

Linda does not want to care what they think, but she spent the last 20 years trying to fit into Cross Springs society. It would be crazy to turn her back on the life she so painstakingly built–and her ex so abruptly knocked down–for an untried start-up relationship. Or would it? Linda reroutes her journey and decides to make a detour (including side trips to see her hairdresser, her mother, the homicidal Courtroom Barbie who wrecked her marriage and her suddenly psycho ex-husband) to see where else life might take her. All she needs is a hefty dose of courage and a good old-fashioned Kick Start.

Precocious kids, nosy neighbors, church friends, a crazy ex-husband and a younger man love interest. It's a recipe for disaster! I certainly threw Linda lots of curveballs in this story, but also gave her a great sense of humor, some pretty fabulous kids and an exceptional best friend. I hope you'll check out the book and see just how Linda handles all the ups and downs of her new life and figures out how to reclaim her old sense of self.

Happy reading!

Caren Crane

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  1. It sounds great, Caren! What a fun cast of characters. Love the younger man storyline--sounds really fun. Congrats on getting this book out here so we can get our hands on it! Best of luck with it.

  2. Hey Caren!!

    YEA for you getting KICK START out in the world for the rest of us to read and enjoy! It's on my Kindle and in the TBR queue to be read.

    Love the premise of KICK START and you know how much I love small towns and all the zany characters who inhabit them. Congrats to you!!!

  3. Caren, congratulations! I'm glad to see Kick Start going into the world. I read it and enjoyed it thoroughly!

  4. So excited that Kick Start is out in the world! Love that book!

  5. WOOT!!! I'm so excited to have Kick Start in my hot little hands - well, my hot little Kindle! - and to be able to read the "real" version. Grins.

    I LOVE your writing voice, Caren, and I'm tickled to finally get your work to read. Kick Start is outstanding!!

    Grins. Now, get to work, as I know we ALL want MORE!!

  6. YAY, Caren!!! I'm so very pleased this book is out and I'm off to snap up my copy right now. KICK START sounds like a ton of fun. Can't wait!

  7. Caren, this book sounds fantastic! And I love the cover! I've been dying for you to release a full-length story ever since I read an excerpt of something you were writing in one of those vote for the best new writer contests (still think you were robbed!). Yay, congratulations!

  8. Caren - I love the sound of this crazy cast of characters - so much so that KICK START is sitting on my Kindle ready to kick start my reading. So glad to see that you took the indie-pub plunge.

  9. What a thrill to finally get my hands on a Caren Crane book!! I downloaded and started reading it this morning. And it's wonderful. I'm hooked. I really love Linda's voice--and yours. :-) Big congratulations on your debut, m'dear. I'm so happy and excited for you!!