Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Listen closely Behind the Red Door . . .

Listen closely . . . for the new audio release of The Love List!

I'm thrilled to announce the audio version of the first book in the Half Moon House series!

The Harris List of Covent Garden Ladies, that wickedly witty annual register of the city's lightskirts, was once a London tradition. Now, as all of Europe celebrates the end of the long wars, the scheming Lord Marstoke has revived it--and transformed it into a weapon.

A List no respectable lady wishes to be on . . . 

Miss Brynne Wilmott doesn't belong on the soon-to-be-published List of London's prostitues, but she escaped the monstrous Marstoke once, with the inadvertent aide of Nathan Russell, the Duke of Aldmere, and now the marquess has revived the List as an act of revenge--and to destroy her future and those who helped her. 

The Request a certain Duke has no wish to hear . . . 

The Duke of Aldmere doesn't believe in meddling. Fate has proved that interfering in personal matters only leads to bigger trouble. He has no wish to involve himself in Brynne Wilmott's affairs, despite her spirited beauty and damned tempting mouth. But she's discovered that his brother is mixed up in this List business as well. Reluctantly, they agree to work together to prevent the disastrous publication.

Their quest leads them through some of London's most dangerous haunts and it quickly becomes clear that Marstoke's plans are more twisted and treasonous than anyone has suspected. Yet the danger and intrique are as nothing compared to the effect than Nathan and Brynne have on each other . . .

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and watch for further releases in the Half Moon House series, coming soon!


  1. Your a new author to me and this really seems like an intriguing book that I would love to read (or listen too). Congrats on the audio being released.

  2. Thank you so much, Brenda! It's so nice to 'meet' you here at Red Door!