Thursday, August 1, 2013

Someone is Dancing Behind the Red Door

Juliette Mirabelle knew one life and it was one as a ballerina. 

The moment Drake Finton, Viscount Acker, saw the ballerina take the stage in Milan he knew he must have her. Yet, Juliette would not be his and when she disappeared he returned to his life in London.  Now she was here and Drake intended to make her his.

All Juliette wishes to do is dance, but will the secrets of her past destroy her dreams?

Lady Revealed is the 6th story in the Tenacious Trents series. This is Julia’s story.

Acker took a step closer to Juliette. “I will if you dance for me.”
She stared up into his eyes. “I have a performance tonight.  I cannot tire myself.”
“A waltz instead.” He wanted to hold her and remain close to her, if not closer, and the waltz was the only thing he could think of to bring her into his arms, without simply pulling her there.
Juliette bit her bottom lip and her eyebrows furrowed. “I’ve never waltzed before.”
How could she come to be the age she was, be a dancer and not yet waltzed? Of course, even though it was popular in Vienna, it was still frowned upon by many in London who considered immoral. “I’ll teach you.”
Acker lifted her left hand and placed it on his shoulder before grasping her right had and slide his other about her waist. Neither wore gloves and his warmth enveloped her cool touch. 
“Have you at least seen a couple waltz?” he asked before they began.
Juliette nodded.
He blew out a sigh. Though he knew well enough how the steps moved, he wasn’t at all certain he could teach. “It is a three step dance,” he began and stepped out.  “Follow my movements.”  She stepped out as he had, and brought her next foot over when he put his feet together.  He then stepped forward yet Juliette did not move immediately and was pressed against his body.  She quickly matched his movement, her face turning a lovely shade of pink.
They repeated the steps a few more times and Juliette adjusted quickly, much to Acker’s disappointment. He rather enjoyed having her pressed against him.  So much sensation from touch was usually lost through the layers of clothing a gentleman was required to wear, but her dress was thin and as he wore only his shirtsleeves. 
Soon he began executing turns and Juliette adapted to each movement.  She was a dancer so he shouldn’t be surprised.  He twirled her from one end of the room to the other in complete silence. They did not need music nor did they need to speak.  Their eyes were locked and the sway of her body was a perfect match for his. He drew her closer and closer until they were practically one, in perfect harmony with each other. 
As the moved down the room, Acker guided her toward the settee.  He slowed as they came to the sitting area, dropped her hand and pulled her against his body.  She brought her other hand up to rest on his shoulder and didn’t try to pull away. 
Acker gently tightened his hold and lowered his mouth to hers.

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